Denim: The footing frontier

  1. So, for my birthday I had gotten a Porte Monnaie Koala, which was beautiful, but didn't suit my needs, so I returned it and got THESE:

  2. very nice, congrats!
  3. MMMMMMMMMMM shoes! i love those
  4. Oh, those are cute!
  5. Those are adorable!! congrats!
  6. ah they are sweet! Congrats!
  7. Thanks, I absoflippinglutely love them and they are SO comfy! So, if any of you are looking for a good present for your DH or SO, the Denim footing sneaker is awesome!
  8. Cute cute cute!!!
  9. those are cute :smile:
  10. Oh! I love them! Congrats!!!
  11. Ooo very nice! congrats
  12. nice! congrats!
  13. I feel totally Carrie Bradshaw when I wear them, but I'm sooo afraid that someone will come and shoe rob me!
  14. congrats:biggrin:
  15. congrats!