Denim Sac Plat low BIN-anyone?

  1. a denim sac plat? I didn´t knew it existed...
  2. oh, that´s a flat shopper... I like it, but not the sac plat. think it would be a hell searching for something in such a tall bag...
  3. Is it real??? If so, the price is amazing! :wtf:
  4. If it wasn't real, I doubt Lee would waste her time posting it... ;)

    That's a freakin steal though... If I didn't have to pay random bills that popped outta nowhere, I'd totally buy it. :sad:
  5. Did you asked the seller?
    In my auctions, I state that I'll only ship in Germany. But if someone asks, I ship in nearly every country :P
  6. That patina shows its real...
  7. Sure, it looks fine from the pics. But you never know if you get what you see... the seller's low feedback would scare me a bit.
    Anyhow, good luck to whoever buys it! I :heart: DENIM :girlsigh:
  8. :shame: Thanks jm311 :flowers:
    Thanks GerGirl she might post overseas ,I'll email her;) . Since she's a member since 2003 and with 100% feedback,personally I'll trust her:smile:
  9. :crybaby: Just got an email from her and she won't ship overseas :crybaby:
  10. Wow great deal- especially if they really are discontinuing it like I've heard.