Denim Sac Plat (flat shopper) question:

  1. hi! this is my first post, i just joined this community recently and am loving it! i am currently contemplating purchasing a denim sac plat. i love the shape of it, even though its flat. does anyone have this purse? and do you love it, hate it? or is it just 'alright'? and reasons too please! thank you so much in advance!
  2. betseylover-Welcome to TPF:party: ! if you do a search on denim sac in LV forum, there should be some threads regarding denim sac, good luck!
  3. thank you!
  4. hey! welcome to tPF!!!!!!!
    I know a few people have the sac plat, but my general impression is that it's not *that* popular. The Baggy PM and neo Speedy are what I see here the most. Anyway, buy what YOU want! :biggrin: happy shopping!
  5. thanks! i do love the sac plat, but am afraid it might be too flat! i am afraid the denim might stretch if i put bulkier items in it? the baggy pm is real cute too though.
  6. Well may I ask what you're going to put inside it? documents perhaps? You can't see it on LV's site but the Sac plat's not completely flat. It can expand upto about 2 inches width-wise. The denim, although being fabric, is still quite strong. So I wouldn't worry about the fabric ripping up in shreds lol, however, if there are probs (eg. too much weight) you may get loose stitching where pieces of fabric come together or near the handles.
  7. no, i do not plan on putting documents in it. with my type of work, i dont use documents. i dont even really read too many magazines so i cant put those in there. its mostly for makeup, wallet, agenda, little things here and there. i just love the look but not sure if its practical. thanks for all your help though!
  8. hmmm...well if you're into the 'look' I don't know if you can maintain the upright structure of the bag and not having it bulge out in 5 directions lol. I mean, i think it's hard to keep all of your belonging straight up like that, especially knowing that denim gets softer with time...:shrugs: If it's mostly for makeup, I think Trouville is pretty good. Anyway, no prob! I love to help others out :sweatdrop: Good night!