Denim Pleaty

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  1. Do you own a Pleaty? Are you happy with it? :smile:
  2. Hello!!...Pleaty owners out there??? :graucho:
  3. I've been thinking of purchasing one myself- but from some searching I've done, some PF owners have the mini and not the regular size. I'm hoping someone who does can take a picture of the bag on..pretty please!
  4. Mine is the mini pleaty...
  5. Well...I'll go and see it during this week ... and will post pictures if I buy it :biggrin:
  6. I have the pleaty and I love it! It's the one of the few bags that I've used often enough to have a darker patina :shame:

  7. Hi elle :smile: Can you post pictures ?? :biggrin: lots of pictures :graucho:
  8. I like the pleaty, and think it's adorable, but when I tried one on at the just seemed...ODD...on me...actually everything from the denim collection doesn't work on me. Don't get me wrong tho, I still think it's awesomely cute! :biggrin:

  9. I know what you meen ...something just don't work, even that we like it ;)
  10. I like the pleaty.
  11. i have a pleaty, the only bag i like from denim line :love: . i wore it once and it lies in the box ever since. i'm scared it'll get dirty. it doesn't fit much but i don't carry lots of stuffs so it's oke for me. thinking of getting the mini pleaty as well :graucho:
  12. I have the fuscha denim mini pleaty and love it, the clasp broke and they gave me a new one, so I am not jamming so much into it anymore. It wouldn't get dirty unless you put it in mud. It is great for a shoulder bag and I love the strap. I am a goof when it comes to attaching photos, but will email you a photo if you want.
  13. Love it...It's so cute and nice :biggrin:
  14. i have the mini pleaty green love it
  15. The pleaty is cute. I ordered it, but sent it back & eventually got the neo speedy.
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