Denim Mini Pleaty VS. Mono Pochette Croissant


Which one???

  1. blue Denim Mini Pleaty

  2. mono Pochette Croissant

  3. none

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  1. Ok, I'm currently awaiting the arrival of my next LV, hopefully at the beginning of next week, as the seller received the money yesterday. I won't tell what it is, surprise, surprise :graucho: But it is a discontinued bag and rather big - so I somehow feel the need of getting another, smaller one :Push:
    I'm torn between the Mini Pleaty in blue and the Mono Pochette Croissant. The Pleaty is darn cute and I love the Denim fabric . I use my Denim Speedy a lot! But I'm eyeing the Croissant for a long time now and it's probably more durable and rather classic. Any inputs?
  2. Isn't Croissant discontinued?:shrugs:
  3. Mh, I still see the Croissant on the french website? :wtf:
  4. I'm also trying to decide on whether or not I should get the Pochette Croissant. It's such a good price and a lovey shape! I say get the Pochette Croissant. :heart:
  5. I think only Croissant GM is discontiuned..

    I will choose denim pleaty..I don't like the look of croissant on me..
  6. The only reason I am asking is because someone on here did say that they are very scarce in US.
  7. Thank you for clarifying this for me!:flowers:
  8. I hope the Pochette will still be around for some time, it's so cute :love:

    I also thought about getting the MM, but I found the size too similar to my Hudson.
  9. No problem Irene..
  10. I vote for Mini Pleaty!!! TOO CUTE!!!:love:
  11. i prefer the Mini Pleaty. i don't like the shape of the Croissant
  12. I would choose the mini pleaty. I don't care much for the pochette croissant.
  13. I like the Croissant.
  14. Thanks for the PM btw :flowers:
    ...I would have totally forgotten about my question :shame::shame::shame: