Denim marks on my cream Miu Miu :(


Apr 5, 2008
I supose its what you get for buying cheap Primark jeans (they are in the bin now!) as I wore them and used my Miu Miu cream nappa bag and the blue dye has rubbed off on to the bag - does anyone have any advice about what I can do about this?

I just bought some protection spray to stop water marks and hopefully other marks so I want to sort this out before putting this on but I am too scared I will ruin the leather :sad:

Not happy!


Jan 26, 2007
^^ITA. pretty much all jeans do this, cheap or expensive. you have to wash the denim until it stops bleeding to prevent this kind of color transfer BUT then your denim will be light! maybe a local cobbler or leather specialist can help? afterward, i'm not sure a leather protectant will help - just don't use the bag with jeans or dark clothing anymore! it's a pain, but that is pretty much why i don't buy light colored bags. gl!


May 19, 2006
SUN-shine-y island
It is good to spray water repellent spray before you use the bag but this does not prevent denim dye transfer all that much. LMB does great jobs on leather bags(worn, stained, scuffed even) so do check with them. Maybe they can recc some product you can purchase to remove the stains.