Denim dilemma: baggy or speedy??

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  1. Hi all,

    I need your opinions!

    At first I didn't love the denim line, but now it has really grown on me. I really like the Baggy PM (I like the GM aswell, but it's going to be too big for me I think) and the Neo Speedy.

    Here's the situation: I would :heart: a fuschia bag, because I'm a pink loving girl. I'm also in desperate need of a shoulder bag, because I already have a lot of handheld bags.
    My country doesn't have any Baggy PMs in fuschia anymore and there aren't any on eBay or Let Trade.
    My store has only one fuschia Neo Speedy left at the moment.

    So now I need your help:
    Do I buy a fuschia Speedy because it's the last one and I love the color, but it's a handheld bag again? Or do I buy a Baggy PM in blue, which is a shoulder bag and also a gorgeous color (I also like the blue a lot, because I intend to wear it casually with jeans and stuff)?
    Help me decide please :confused1: :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I'd get the pink speedy and if you decide that you dont like the speedy style and would prefer the baggy you can sell one to get the other.

    I have both the baggy and the speedy and enjoy the baggy more because its a shoulder bag.
  3. Thanks a lot Bag Fetish!
    I already posted this baggy in the "Authenicate this Vuitton" thread, and they said it's a fake :sad:

    I really like your baggy! I think I would get more use out of the baggy, because I already have a Speedy that I use a lot right now. But the fuschia color is soo pretty :rolleyes:

    Tough decision! So every opinion is welcome!
  4. I would hold out until a Fuschia Baggy turns up on eBay or where ever.

    The blue is fantastic looking IRL and goes great with jeans to give a casual look. I have the Fuschia Speedy and simply adore it. But I knew right off the bat that I wanted another handheld bag. I also have a Mono Speedy 30 and find myself switching between the two depending on the weather and what I will be doing for the day.

    When you are spending that much money you should really be getting something that you will love. So don't settle - I am sure your dream bag will turn up at some point.
  5. If you wear a lot of jeans, definitely get the Denim Baggy PM in blue. It goes with everything, because no matter what color shirt you are wearing it will tie in to the blue denim jeans.

    I have a lot of pink and red shirts so the fuchsia would not work for me, even though it is very cute. Also, the baggy pm is the most comfortable bag I own and is very sexy because it fits perfectly on the hip.

    I do love the fuchsia speedy but I think the blue baggy pm is just more practical. Having both would be great though!
  6. I have the fuschia GM baggy and LOVE it. The color is a rarity, and if you could get it in the speedy, even more so. Hurry, I hear these bags are officially discont'd in July. Good Luck !!
  7. Definitely WAIT until a denim baggy appears on eBay. They pop up often! I have the denim baggy PM in blue...currently my favorite!
  8. I have the speedy in blue and pink same with the baggy GM both in pink and blue. I love each bag, but find I use the blue baggy more often. It just goes so well with everything.
  9. Go pink!
  10. Well if you're really wanting a baggy hold out, they will pop once in a while and you'll end up with your wanting most.
    Good luck!!

  11. I have the Neo in Fushcia and the Baggy PM in Denim. I bought the Baggy first because I thought I liked it better but now I love the Neo more!

    They hold about the same amt. of things but the Neo has a little more space. The Neo is a little hard to carry because it is a hand-held. The strap on the Baggy shows a lot of creases because the leather is pretty hard. The blue denim is easier to wear but the pink is pretty and gets a lot of compliments.

    By the way, I tried the GM in the store and it looked comical on me. I am 5 feet 1 inch and it was just too big. Baggy PM is perfect one me.

    By the way, after i bought the Denim Baggy I fell hard for the line and ended up getting the Neo Speedy. If you're a denim lover this will prob. happen to you too!

    Good Luck!
  12. i like the baggy PM.
  13. ^^ I agree the strap on the baggy does show creases but it does soften up over time and feels great and wears easy.
  14. Go with the speedy fuchsia if you love pink but if think think you are going to use the baggy more, then get the baggy.