Denim Cabas question..

  1. FIRST OF ALL....I LoVe my new denim cabas!! ITS tdf!!!

    If anyone is considering it...GET IT!! but I was wondering can I buy the medallion seperate for it? The one that is on the other cabas...I am sure not, but just thought I would check:p is a pic of me with it on, taken with my blackberry in the campus bathroom:graucho: so excuse the ugly decor...and me looking sloppy:sad:
  2. I love it so much, I want to get it too! It looks cute on you! And don't worry about your clothes thats how i look when i go to my classes lol!
  3. I got the same bag this Saturday!
    I don't think you can buy the exact same charm, but Chanel has a few charms available, so if you want a bag charm you can use them I guess. I saw one the other day at Saks, but I wasn't going to spend $400 for a charm........
  4. Looks great on you!


  5. THANKS!!! i was feeling fat that day, so I needed a fab bag..LOL:smile: I wish they made that charm!!! $400 really? thats insane!!
  6. it's so wierd about the lack of charm on the denims but regardless, it looks awesome on you so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  7. you think the charm is worth getting? hmmm.....i am still waiting for my bag.:shrugs:
  8. I think that it looks great without the charm! You don't need the CC charm because there is a big CC on the side of the bag.:yes:
  9. You don't need a charm, the logo is enough. You look great, Congrats!