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  1. DELREY RULES!! Anyone thinking of buying go for it,
    So classy and stylish . Iv been lucky enough to get the Heather Colour which us fab****** ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391330642.182542.jpg
  2. Completely agree
  3. It's wonderful to 'feel' your excitement! Enjoy every minute with your pretty bag x
  4. Nice color, enjoy!
  5. Lovely colour! I've just bought a Del Rey too (finally!) :smile:
  6. Ooh lovely what colour did you go for and has it got the longer handles?
  7. Bag twin! I was lusting after her for ages and finally got her before Christmas. She's a beauty, I adore mine, it's such a pretty colour :smile: congrats!
  8. It's a pre-loved one off ebay. Gone for slate blue in the small DR. I hope it's alright!
  9. Congratulations skylark, the del rey's a great bag and heather's a beautiful colour. Enjoy
  10. Congratulations steph, looking forward to your reveal
  11. Del Rey is fab, I love this style.
    I have 4 now, small and reg, and I really love both sizes. :smile:
  12. Such a pretty feminine color I love it! I have only just now gotten into the del Rey too!
  13. Hello,

    Are you able to wear it on your shoulder, i.e., are the handles long enough? handles comparable to the Bayswater?

    Thank you!
  14. It is beautiful! Congrats.
  15. Thank you yes I'm loving using her
    You got any nice new bags x