Delivery time from UK to US? Help pls...

  1. Can anyone tell me the average time it takes for a parcel to reach the US from the UK? I posted last Saturday so it's now a week and the buyer hasn't received her bag. It says on Royal Mail website 3-5 days for international signed for so I'm getting worried. The tracking on royal mail is next to useless. Also it's a Balenciaga and the buyer paid over 500 pound for it. I'm really anxious now - can anyone put my mind at rest?
  2. Try not to worry 3-5 business days is just a general time frame. Items can be held up in customs for a few days and as it will need to be signed for they usually take extra care with those items.
    It can also depend on what region of the US your receiver is in.
    I'm sure it will arrive shortly!
  3. Hi there, I often post to and receive from the USA and it my experience it is not so much postage times as customs delays that can mean it all takes longer than it should. Certainly a week is not unusual and I have sent things using the 'average 5 day' service that have taken up to a fortnight. I am puzzled by the tracking though - why is it useless? Is it not showing or inaccurate?
  4. Thanks girls, feel better now. I understand there can be delays, etc, but it's just because of the value I was getting jittery.

    Miss Sooky - the tracking just says that it's left the country and there's no other way to track after that.

    Thanks again!
  5. We have family in the UK and it typically takes about a week for a package to get to us here in the US. Give it a couple more days before you start to worry. :smile:
  6. Hi Rental (gorgeous picture in your avatar by the way)

    I would say it could take anything up to ten days - it has been that way when I have sent things. It is really worrying, i get myself into a state as well when I send things off but it should be fine. Royal Mails site however is useless as even when it is delivered their site is never updated properly

    I would say give it another 5 days or so and I am sure it will get there.
  7. Hi there! I live in a much more complicated country, Italy, but usually my experience says that parcels from US tu EU and vice versa take usually twice the time declared by the postal services. So if it says 3-5 days, it will be 6-10 days, plus consider all the festivities in the middle. So if you posted Saturday it means that so far it has been seven days. The parcel might arrive tomorrow! I have waited parcels sent expedited from the US for more that a month, sometimes got them in 4 days - incredible! - and once I got something sent via surface mail. It should have taken 4 weeks, it took 4 month but eventually arrived! :nuts:
  8. Thanks everyone, feel much better. Can go to bed feeling much more relaxed now! :flowers:

  9. Oops, don't know why my quote-thingies aren't working!

    Goodnight all.
  10. Parcels rarely arrive in the time promised by Royalmail 7-10 days i would say.
  11. You know if parcels are not delivered in the promised time you can claim postage back if we all started doing that mail services might buck up & provide better service!