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  1. For reference, I am 5'4", size 6 - In-laid C Peyton . . .
  2. Love it! The yellow belt is a great idea!! You look so trendy!
  3. You are so sweet :smile:. Thanks!!
  4. Thank you! I moved into the wallet yesterday because she matches the lining of my gray Brooke duffle perfectly! have one too! I am shocked by how much it does match. I think I just need to take the plunge before the summer is over and I can't enjoy her! I definitely have my eye on some of the fall colors (aubergine is calling my name!). Thanks!

    Thanks for the feedback! I do have a grey Brooke duffle (that I love!) and just received my black Pinnacle Laila that I was able to get in the outlet sale, so both those are pretty versatile. I THINK I am leaning towards keeping the Audrey for summer and doing a Sophia or Lindsay in one of the fall colors (love the aubergine or maybe even the acorn?). Thanks again! :smile:
  5. A few more mod shots I took when I got my latest outlet goodies: slate Laila and woven Laila.
    i-NhM9zNR-L.jpg i-WZgd8wv-L.jpg
  6. :loveeyes:

    Two of the most beautiful lailas...both look great on you!!
  7. OH my GOD. I so wish my outlets had Lailas. :nogood: But I'm very happy these gorgeous lailas went to an equally gorgeous Coachie who will appreciate them properly! :biggrin:
  8. I know I already posted a pic of this bag carried satchel-style, but I'm so obsessed that I've decided to add a cross-body pic. This has become my favorite weekend bag of the summer, and it's rubbing off on my wardrobe choices (today's outfit being no exception).

    More denim woven baby sage:

  9. DId that bag come with the round "C" hangtag, or is it from a different bag?
  10. LOL! You are too sweet. :heart: I was lucky I got these with the help of an awesome TPFer. My outlet didn't get Lailas either. Katherine

  11. ITA - the best crossbody bag - and a great weekend bag --- I used my mushroom woven all weekends - Twins on Denim ;)

  12. You have to buy the round "tag" separately. It's actually a charm currently for sale on (or your local boutique)- there are two different kinds available now.
  13. This is one of my favorites too! I had a hard time picking between denim blue and mushroom, I ended up making my 5 yr old niece pick for me! Shame on me! :p
  14. Woven gray Kristin round satchel,,, Great size!!! i love this style right now!!

  15. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this style - trying to tell myself i dont need #6
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