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  1. I have only two Coach bags (three if you count a wristlet) and my favorites are always neutrals (British Tan, camel, shell, saffron which I will pretend is neutral, natural vachetta), but I LOVE your bag, style and color! It will go with most outfits, IMO, so if you love it and if the style works for you, I'd cut the tags and keep her. :biggrin: I will always have just a few bags at the most because I can't buy them often and I wouldn't think twice about keeping this if I loved it and knew that it would be versatile and useful for me, so it just depends upon what works best for you. :smile:
  2. Welcome & I say keep her.... I have this bag also & love her ...!!
  3. I think summer is about fun bags and I vote to keep her ! :smile:
  4. Thanks! Since I wear mostly neutrals she actually does go with a lot and at least gives a little pop of color! I have a black Laila on the way, so maybe that will satisfy my need for neutral, lol!

    Thank you! Has she worn well? I read in other posts that people were having some issues...
    Thanks! You guys are making me feel better! :smile:
  5. [QUOTEThank you! Has she worn well? I read in other posts that people were having some issues..[/QUOTE]
    I have used her a handful of times & she has done well unlike my mauve momma sage I used her 3 maybe 4 times & her color was wearing off
  6. That is good to hear (especially since she was FP)! Thanks again!
  7. That Python Sage looks great on you, the detailing in that color scheme and print is just gorgeous!!!! Contrast again Wolvergambit.
  8. Thanks so much. I can't stop looking at her sitting in my office. I love the shades and detailing!
  9. hey i have a couple. but i ahve a question i have a blue coach purse and the serial number im trying to sell it, but dontknow how much its worth. can someone help me, J0693-F10689
  11. That is FABULOUS!! I love it!!!

  12. She is definitely a keeper! Love the matching wallet!
  13. I love my lagoon bag! I think it matches just about anything. Waaay more exciting than a tan bag, IMHO! I saw stick with it. Then in the fall you may want to pick up a darker, more winter colored bag. That will get you through pretty much all the seasons! Kath
  14. I would exchange it for something more versatile if you don't have many bags so that you can have something you can wear everyday but is still stylish. I love the Sophias and Lindseys and the outlets are full of Kristins at half price...
  15. Thanks MC!!:biggrin:
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