Decoltissimo $333!

  1. Forset green, not black as shown in the pic.
  2. Yep, black is not on sale. Are they true to size. Site says they run big?
  3. They look cute in that grey.
  4. Already gone! in my size, pooh.
  5. Not my size, darn!! I have decolettes similar to these, so oh well. However anyone who wears these sizes- grab them!! This is a great price and these are such great shoes. You can wear them with a formal dress, jeans, anything.
  6. I've tried them on in the store before (NM) and didn't find them to be anything special, unfortunately. I think they run TTS or even a half size small. I guess it depends on your foot though. I definitely would not say that they run big.
  7. as size is gone. its so hard finding my size for sale shoes :sad: