Decisions! What to do?!

  1. I bought a whiskey Ali over the weekend. It is a beautiful bag, but ideally I would have liked it in black and I probably would have preferred a slim flap. I called my nearest outlet, and they received the slim flaps in khaki/ebony signature, which I also really like. I CAN, but really ought not have them both, and I am torn on what to do. Another outlet has the Ali in all black sig, and that might be preferable, but that outlet is a really long way away.

    So while I know that most people prefer the leather bags in the Ali or slim flap, I am just not sure whiskey will fit with my wardrobe (mostly black). Would a khaki/ebony or all black bag work better? Do I make the super-long drive for a bigger selection (potentially) or do I go to the outlet closer and take the khaki/ebony and hope they received it in all black on another truck either today or tomorrow (they said they get new shipments in daily)? It is the difference of 45 minutes to the closer outlet and 2 hours to the one farther away.

    I HATE indecision!
  2. I would go for the bag you know you want.. if the slim flap appeals to you the khaki/black will be great! Otherwise, I have an idea... go to your local outlet and ask them to do a charge/send... after you put the black ali on hold at the other outlet, have your close outlet call and they will do an imprint of your card there to purchase it there, then the outlet that is far away will ship it either to that outlet or usually straight to your house.. :yes: That way you can even buy both and then decide and you don't have to make that long drive. Good Luck! :yes:
  3. Can you pay for the all black signature ali at your closest store and they send it to that store for you to pick up? I can't remember what that's called! LOL! I personally love the slim flaps and would take the khaki/ebony slim flap over the Alis. That's just me though! LOL!
  4. I love my :heart:vachetta ergo tote:love: so much that I haven't changed into another bag since I started carrying it. That was a few months ago. Needless to say, I've had days of wearing black and still carrying the vachetta ergo (which has developed a nice patina that looks a bit whiskeyish) and I actually like the look of the russet brown bag with what I'm wearing. Granted it hasn't been black slacks but usually grounded in jeans. I don't know if people are thinking I need to buy a black bag and I'm just dellusional :shrugs:about how good my bag looks with everything but anywho...:smile:
  5. I know what you mean. I have a black leather ali and love it. I also bough it in whiskey as a gift for someone from someone, like a personal shopper and it is in my house and I haven't wrapped it yet. When i showed it to the person i was buying it "for" so he would know what the gift he was giving someone looked like (i know this is all confusing) my husband said "they both have very different vibes" referring to black leather Ali and Whisky Ali. So I was becoming envious of the whiskey even though i had the black and my husband said that the black Ali was more "me" I do love them both though and didn't think i would love the whiskey until i actually had her in my posession, although temporarily. Anyway, I say get the bag you really want. Black Ali i saw a BIN on eBay for $280 ish which is nice that some people are not price guaging with this recent influx of legacy bags. I personally love the khaki/ebony combo on the Ali but I do like the bag better in leather, I think it "settles" better and keeps its form better. I have noticed the sigature to be a little dented if the bag is not puffed out with the tissue paper but it is still a beautiful bag and also (long winded, sorry) If you do wear a lot of black I think the khaki ebony would look awesome on you and really stand out but make sure that front pocked has like a wristlet or something in it to keep it's shape. Good luck !