Decisions, decisions...

  1. OK, I looove big bags, but lately I've been wanting a small handbag for nights in Manhattan or just running errands or whatever. It's gonna be hard to part with all that extra space but sometimes the Speedy 30 is a little too much to take. I'm torn between the Damier pochette and the white MC wapity. I'm leaning more towards the pochette cuz it's can hold a lot more, including my wallet and with the wapity I'd have to take everything out of my wallet and put it in there. And can the wapity even hold a sidekick? The only reason I would get the wapity is b/c I've always wanted something from the MC line but nothing very big and I don't really like the pochette. Plus I think it will be cute to have for spring/summer.

    So what do you think I should get, and why? I'm probably gonna order it tonight (yayy free shipping!)

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. wapity!
  3. I don't think a wapity will hold a sidekick, but it is a great little bag.Having a pochette that can go over the shoulder & leave your hands free seems to workbetter for going out.
  4. The wapity is a great choice. Cute in the MC. I think it will be perfect for running errands, etc. Bonus is you can put it inside your Speedy/bigger bags!
  5. :yes: , wapity will not fit sidekick.
  6. Even though I think the wapity is just adorable, I ordered the pochette. It's just a little bit more practical for what I'll be using it for. I've been using a Coach wristlet for going out and stuff and it barely fits anything, so I think I made a good choice. Who knows? Maybe when summer rolls around I'll find some excuse to buy the MC wapity ;)

    Thanks guys! :smile:
  7. mc wapity!
  8. I would get a Damier Pochette... with the Wapity, you either have to hold the strap with your hand, or have it on your wrist. With the Pochette, you can have it on your shoulder or holding it with your hand. ;)