Decisions, Decisions

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  1. So I have narrowed it down to two. Vast price difference, I know. Here are the two bags I am thinking of buying. The other one will go on my Christmas list.


    Coach Hamptons Leather Satchel
    I LOVE the color. Not a very practical color, I know. But I've never been one to choose go-with-everything bags. I wear it even if it doesn't match very well :P
    The size seems just right. Not a huge overwhelming tote, but big enough to fit my things and more and not look overstuffed.

    The color. Once and for all, should I invest in something that goes with everything?
    I already have a Coach bag and wrislet. Maybe I should venture out and go for a different brand?


    Luella Gisele Mini

    The camel color matches so many of my outfits, and I know of a couple of pairs of shoes I have that would look great with this bag. I don't have a brown bag (yet).
    I love the silver hardware and grommets.
    It's just darn cute!

    It's small, but I think I could deal. My Burberry small tote is not too much bigger than this and I haven't had a problem with it being too stuffed.
    I know it's sort of an "it" bag. But if it goes "out" that doesn't mean I would stop carrying it. If it's good quality and will last long, then I know the purchase was worth it even if it's not in every fashion magazine.

    Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks :biggrin:
  2. I LOVE my Gisele (its beige canvas and green leather) but its a BABY not a MINI. I like the MINI but I kinda think the hearts are too big for it.

    I'm not a big Coach fan but I like that one. And I think the color is great.

    If you wouldn't consider the larger Gisele, I say buy the Coach.
  3. Nothing worse than a bag that ends up being too small for what you need. The Coach has a more classic shape, and a nice color. You'd probably use that one for years. The other one is more whimsical but very cute. My vote would go to the Coach.
  4. The Coach also comes in this color:


    Which I do like, and it might go with a lot more. That teal is so eye-catching, though :love:
  5. Either color is nice. IMHO, the teal is more year-round. I like the claret though.
  6. Okay, leaning more toward the Coach cos of practicality and the cool color. Anyone else have input? My Visa is ready to go :P
  7. Why not get a Luella Gisele Mini? Spice it up! hehe
  8. I actually like the Coach - the color and the classic shape.
  9. Okay, I've decided to splurge and go for the Luella Mini, even though it's small. I can't pass it up! Also, since it's more $$$ than the Coach, I know that I have a better chance of putting the Coach bag on my wishlist and actually getting it for Christmas. I e-mailed the picture, price and where to find it to the bf :embarasse At least he doesn't have to worry about buying expensive jewelry - I'd rather get a new bag! :P
  10. If that's the logic, then yes, go for the Gisele. The BF is more likely to buy the Coach anyway.
  11. good choice , even though i would did it the other way around lol
  12. Haven't bought anything yet - I'm going shopping tomorrow :love: with my mom and grandmother. Knowing me, I might come back with something completely different! I'll have a full report with photos :P