decision time.....HELP!


Which bag?

  1. LV MC Theda GM

  2. Balenciaga Blue India Twiggy

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  1. Okay, so I've narrowed down my new bag purchase to two bags. I need help on deciding which one since I love them both equally. I'm choosing between a MINT condition LV MC white Theda GM, and a new Balenciaga Blue India Twiggy.

    Vote to help me!

    (I borrowed these pictures. The picture of the Theda is the one I want to buy, and the twiggy is from Glimmer in her BI twiggy thread)
  2. I vote LV
  3. Balenciaga. That LV looks like something a 5 year old would carry to kingergarten!:roflmfao:

    Can you tell I'm not an LV fan? :supacool:
  4. After spending waaay too much time on this forum, I can officially say that I am sick to death of LV. At least, the mono LV, whether it be the classic or the MC. Please go for the Bal. I will barf if I see another MC. I'm sorry - it's just overkill and it screams LOOK I HAVE AN LV!!!!!!!!!! And many people will assume it's fake anyway.

    Balenciaga looks a little vinyl to me, but at least it's different.

    Of course if you love it and it makes you happy, by all means. But you asked for opinions and that's mine.
  5. BBBBBal !
  6. I say Balenciaga!! That LV is not as classy and famous.. IMO! (not a fan of multicolor)
  7. Theda is pretty, but a PITA. Everything falls out of that bag, it doesn't balance well & tends to tip over as well as not holding much.
    I vote for the Bbag
  8. Can you paste (not to post here) a piccie of yourself into a Word document or similar and paste in pics of those two bags, and see which suits you best? ;)

    Because, I'm guessing from your post (and possibly wrongly!:confused1: ) that you've not tried both on?

    Also, what are you looking to use this bag for - smart everyday use, evenings, special occasions, daily wear...? :smile:

    If so, suss out which 3 - 5 outfits/looks/color schemes you work on those occasions, and then consider which bag would work best with them.

    These ideas might be helpful. Or I might just be grafting my overthinking/neuroses onto ya! :lol: :nuts:

    (in which case apologies :shame: )

    Cx ;)
  9. i looove that theda, but it's too small. so i must go with bbag
  10. my vote goes for the balenciaga!
  11. Balenciaga- great color!
  12. The BI Twiggy Bbag. It's gorgeous. I have never been very fond of the MC LV bags.
  13. balenciaga...i'm not a big fan of the theda GM...

    EDIT: by mistake i voted for the consider a vote less for the LV and one more for the Balenciaga:shame:
  14. Balenciaga!! I gt my first balenciaga, and love it more evry day!!!
  15. I own two Twiggys and one I just sold. I'm looking for something bright, and so the new BI was on my list. I've always wanted a MC piece, and since my bag buddy is getting the white speedy for xmas, I didn't want to get the speedy. I've always liked the Theda, but now that I know it's not practical, I'll probably get the BI. :wlae: