Decision time for xmas gift

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  1. God, it takes me ages to decide on a present for myself so I thought to ask the experts...

    I am constantly discovering new bags from LV I think I love (that is the bad side of living in a city like London where you have a constant parade of beautiful bags...) but I narrowed it down to some...

    I am looking for a bag I can use everyday, I originally wanted a shoulder bag but while carrying my beloved baggy pm my old back problem came back so I think a handheld bag is a better idea. It needs to be a bag that has the possibility to organise my stuff in it-as much as I love my speedy and the Noe, it drives me crazy to dive for my things in it.

    So, here are my favorites, please help me decide...!:yes:

    Saleya pm -do only have one other damier bag and it is so easy to wear as there is no vachetta to worry about, downside is that it might be a bit dull looking in summer.

    Passy pm in red -do only have one red bag, the big vernis reade which is not an every day bag for me. The Passy pm is big enough for me, as I always carry at least book, pochette and agenda (my new mandarin one should go with my new bag) with all the usual stuff, and the red will look lovely with my mostly black winter clothes and my blue, white and colour- but classic summer stuff. But would it look too formal for everyday use (I am not working in an office and the bag should be really an all day bag).

    Other possibility, a Manhattan pm (but I have tons of mono bags) or a Noe monogram in small, but that leaves the shoulder/back problem and it will not be easy to organise.

    Any more ideas? I am so confused:confused1:
  2. I vote for Passy!
  3. ohhh passy pm in red sounds nice...I love colour and the daimer saleya is a good one...but, the passy pm seems more year round...dark brown in the summer can seem heavy...
  4. Passy!! Perfect Xmas gift :smile:
  5. Is it possible to SO the manhattan in the damier ? I think that would be nice.

    What about pap in damier or Epi?
  6. Oh what about the mini noe its handheld.
  7. Manhatten PM .. its mono but its soo special and unique
  8. I love the passy or the mini noe.. both fun bags.. good luck!
  9. I like the passy.
  10. Passy or selaya :biggrin:
  11. Passy sound perfect!
  12. You mentioned a mono noe. What about an epi noe!?! It's a lovely bag!
  13. Manhattan!!!
  14. Manhattan PM.
  15. Your tips are all wonderful-as usual.

    The Mini Noe would be too small for me...I need a big bag. And I have a Noe in mono and a small Noe in old black epi, I would go for the small mono Noe because I love it so much (or maybe a red epi?), but I think with my shoulder problem and organising issue it is really between the Saleya and the red Passy pm.
    I am leaning towards the Passy:love:I just wonder; would it look too formal?
    What do you all think? I love the Manhattan too, but thought that some colour would be nice...difficult, from that point of view the Saleya is not an option, but I love the form of that bag...:confused1: