Decision time - Aegean or Acorn!

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  1. Woohooo this will be my first Lindsey. Have both Aegean or Acorn on hold but only want to get one!! Which one would be more versatile? I am thinking Acorn but would love to get opinions!!!!
  2. I am dying for the Aegean!
  3. I got aegean today. I hve acorn on hold. Going for her or tote tomorrow
  4. does the color hw make a difference to you? One has silver, the other brass
  5. They are both pretty. Do you need a brown bag? Do you prefer brass or nickel hardware? I ended up doing Lindsey acorn and tote in Aegean (didn't have the option for Aegean in Lindsey though). I think the Aegean is harder to find if that makes any difference. Either way, you can't got wrong!

  6. Pictures please!
  7. Acorn!
  8. Acorn :smile:
  9. I say get the Acorn it is such a great color, especially for fall.
  10. I just got Acorn today! But I have Aegean in Sophia. If I had to choose again I would
    Choose Acorn as I feel it is classic and year round.
  11. Acorn if you don't have anything similar. Unless you plan to get that color in another bag down the road. Then Aegean.

    If it were me, I'd do tobacco pleated and get the aegean.
  12. My vote is for the Aegean Lindsey. I like the Acorn only in the tote:smile:
  13. I'd like acorn tote, but haven't seen it yet. Acorn is a pretty color and more neutral so will match more
  14. If I had to choose I would get acorn only if I didn't have this color shade. If I did I would go with the color!
  15. Acorn! I saw them both in person today. I bought the acorn and acorn criss cross and left the agean, fuchsia, and parchment at the outlet.