Decision revealed

  1. So...I polled the audience and went against the majority...but still I :heart: it!
    Here is an action shot with my beloved CDC ring

    kelly b.jpg kelly b 2.jpg
  2. Love it!
  3. It is gorgeous modeled. Enjoy....
  4. f-p, Congrats! I don't think I've ever seen a Hermes RING reveal
    before. I love it. :smile:
  5. LOVE IT!!!!


    I love that ring!! Is it a current style?
  6. congrats! it's fabby!!
  7. Cool. Congrats!
  8. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
  9. It looks good. See it just goes to show you, you have to follow your heart on these decisions.
  10. Looks great on you! CONGRATS!
  11. Cool ring!!! You're lucky you have the right size finger.
  12. What an adorable look!!
  13. Thanks everyone! I think I may just wear this to the Today show tomorrow!
  14. Looks great F-P - congrats!
  15. Nice! :tup: