Decision: East-West black caviar flap VS Black caviar jumbo classic flap?

  1. I'm seriously thinking to get either a East-West black caviar flap with silver h/w or a black caviar jumbo classic flap with silver h/w to my flap collection.

    I already have a medium black lambskin classic flap and a medium white caviar classic flap. Although jumbo has more room than E/W, I can still fit all my stuff in E/W. So "practical" is not my main concern. Which one looks more awesome in your opinion if you don't need to worry about not having enough room to put your stuff?

    Any opinions will be much apprepriated. Many thanks!
  2. i'm gonna say the E/W since you have two medium classic flaps already--both are lovely choices though--good luck!
  3. lookwise i would have to say e/w too
  4. I agree^^^

    Go w/the E/W since you already have 2 classic flaps.
  5. Really, in this case you cannot go wrong. Both bags would compliment your current collection.
  6. What about your body frame? If jumbo fits your frame then I vote for jumbo. IMO, E/W and medium are not much difference.
  7. I just got the e/w and it's light as a feather and easier to carry. Today, I pulled out the big boy and I was getting into the car and graceless me, the next thing I knew plop, jumby was on the ground. Good think it's black. I'mma gonna vote for the e/w!!
  8. I prefer the e/w. The jumbo always looks HUGE to me and can't go as easily from day to night.
  9. Love them both, but I would have to go with the e/w in this case, based on what you already have... :yes:
  10. i love the jumbo!
  11. I would go for the E/W, IMO one of the qualities I like best about the jumbo flap is related to the size so if that's not a factor, E/W is a little more versatile I think :confused1: But, it's choosing between 2 great options! :smile:
  12. I just got the e/w so I say that one!
  13. I say Jumbo! e/w is the size of the medium flap bag so it's like getting the same thing. I love my jumbo caviar flap bag. I use it with my long wallet, make-up bag, cell phone, ipod, and all the extra. And it still has room for more. I think Jumbo is a funny word to call the bag because it's only 12" in width! Now if you want to get a big bag I say go for the cabas bags! :wlae:
  14. Like Luccibag said...either 1 would be wonderful to hv...
    But if u are really petite.. think jumbo will be "overwhelming" on u???
  15. Thanks very much for all of your suggestions! They are very true.

    Westwoodmama: may I ask how tall are you? I'm only 5"3 so jumbo may look hugh on me.