Deciding on my first Chanel...

  1. Hi all, I just signed in to this forum today, great place for Chanel info!!
    For my first Chanel,I am just thinking of getting a black Caviar medium (saw the lambskin in the store, really soft to the touch, is it that 'vulnerable' as alot of people said?), so would you recommend silver or gold hardware? Some info about myself, I am 5.5 Ft, about 113 pounds, long hair, fair skin,wear only minimum accesories. await your valuable comments.
  2. hi adn welcome :smile:
    i'm a u can call newbie too and just purchased a vintage caviar classic in jumbo size gold hardware and i'm 5'4"
    i think it's a great size :yes:

    i personally loving the gold harware, it's classic :p
  3. Welcome!! Both colors of the hardware are very nice, but I think the silver is more "up-to-date".
  4. My first Chanel was a black 226 2005 reissue (pale gold hardware),my second is what I would recommend as your first...the black caviar jumbo classic flap. i chose silver hardware.

    Then again,you may march into a Chanel store and be unstoppably drawn to something's up to you!!

    I adore and have used my reissue soooooooooooooo much though....if I could have time over I would also have gotten the grey 227 back then...

    I believe that the lamskin is indeed very vulnerable;I posted a thread about it and got some replies here and the Chanel saleslady reiterated that.
  5. Thanks all for your comments.. as my other bags like Chole, Loewe and Mulberry are quite big, I am thinking of getting a not so big bag from Chanel.....funny...all suggested Jumbo size...I guess I have to reconsider..
    QuirkyCool, noticed that both your chanel are about the same size and in black, how to you decide when to use which one? just curious...
  6. I say silver or gold is great. It depends on if you want your jewelry to match the hardware of your purse. If it does not matter if they don't match. I say get silver it's more modern but if you have a lot of purses that have silver on it. Try the gold to have something different.
  7. either gold or silver is great i guess it depends on where you use it more, personally i would prefer gold h/w on smaller bags like the e/w and silver h/w on bigger bags like the large or jumbo flap, welcome to TPF !
  8. Me too! Love the silver.
  9. welcome to the forums :smile:
    and i'd pick silver hw with a black caviar flap :yes:
  10. Thanks ladies...u are wonderful..
  11. Firstly,even the jumbo classic flap is much smaller than most Mulberry or Chloe bags :smile:.But you can get any size you like!!

    Secondly...yup,I've kind of doubled up,though the bags are definitely different sizes and different metals. I haven't figured it out yet...just know that I've used my reissue sooooo much and I don't want it to become damaged,and the caviar flap looks hardier. I think that both can be smart or casual,though the reissue is smarter to me.

    But mostly I'll be looking at my mood and my outfit to see which goes better. And my jewellery a bit;though matching metals is no longer the issue that it used to be.

    Do you have any idea what you're going to get yet?:p
  12. Silver for me
  13. the new silver chain. it's gorgeous.
  14. Thanks all for your comments....

    since I have friends visiting dubai next week and Paris next month, I'll see if they can help me find a black reissue 225 or 226, if not I'll get a black Caviar classic flap ... so this is what I'll do. will update you guys of my search results......:smile:
    people told me it's cheaper in Paris, how about Dubai, any idea?
  15. I think the hardware is more about what you like and would go more with your style. If your more into silver, get silver and if you wear more gold, choose gold.