Deciding between Chanels and Hermes...

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  1. I need some help deciding what to do. Thanks to some lovely pf members, I was able to get both a black and a white modern chain e/w tote. :yahoo:

    However, in August, I will be in Paris, and I was considering purchasing an Hermes bag from the mothership. :yes: I know that in Paris, the availability of Hermes is FAR greater than here in the US, and I have a very nice SA that I work with in Paris. I've been offered bags before, but couldn't justify spending the money. Now, I think I would like to take the plunge and have at least one Hermes.

    BUT, considering the sheer number of bags, I've purchased in the last year, something will have to give. So, if it were up to you ladies, would you keep the 2 Chanel's and maybe pass on an Hermes, or would you return the Chanel's and use the extra cash toward an Hermes bag (perhaps a birkin...:tender:)?

    Please, help me decide.
  2. Wow, what a hard decision. I know personally, I would love to own at least 1 Hermes in my lifetime. If you can part with the Chanel's, why not!!!
  3. Well, assuming you already have other Chanel's, I'd get an Hermes. You will be in Paris, after all, and how many other chances will you get to obtain one so easily?
    So, even though I love Chanel best, I'd go Hermes this once.
    What color are you considering? When I get the one Hermes I plan on, I would love the bright red. Something that pops out.
  4. Birkin. You should get it now, AND in Paris. With the VAT tax refund you could save over $1k from US prices. And Birkins seem to go up in price every year. Insane.
    Chanel is GORGEOUS (I'm getting hooked) but they are much easier to attain and most seem much more doable money-wise.
  5. Depends on the bag. I like certain Hermes bags but I personally like Chanel better. If you like the Birkin or another bag and it fits your style however, I would get that especially since they are more readily available there than in the US.

    Tough decision.

  6. I have many different Chanel bags. That's one of the reasons that I'm leaning toward an Hermes.

    As far as color goes, I'm not too picky, I'd take almost any bright color. I love vert anis, rouge garance, rose shocking, violet, turquoise, and bleu jean though. I'd like something that pops, and Hermes has beautiful colors.
  7. Vote for Hermes. I'd love to own at least one birkin sooner or later. But in the US, the choices are so limited.

    Since you own many Chanels, definitely go for a birkin.
  8. I vote for Hermes as well. Love Chanel bags, but Hermes is :love:
  9. Birkin, the bag I dream to own one day!
  10. I just don't prefer Hermes at all personally, none of thier bags appeal to me
    If I were you, I'd forget about the name or label and just choose which one is best for YOU:yes:
  11. Ja'dore: I would vote fore Hermes too if you're going to Paris.
  12. My vote goes to Hermes, although I absolutely lovee Chanel!

    You can always buy Chanel; the flaps should not be difficult to find. If you are offered a birkin or kelly or whatever your dream bag is, take the plunge (if you change your mind after you return from paris, you may have to wait 1-2 years+ to be offerred a birkin/kelly in US) kwim?
  13. I love both of them:heart:. But in this case... I would vote for Hermes. ;)
  14. Go for which ever one calls out to you most and love it!!:P
  15. thou i love chanel.. my vote would be for hermes, i would want to own one birkin one day :yes: