Decided on the style, but totally confused about the color. Help!!

  1. I am looking for my second BBag and need your input. I used to have a Origan Twiggy. I loved that bag especially the color but the shoulder strap wasn't comfortable and I got sick of carrying it. I got rid of the twiggy and I've decided the Day style would work best for me.

    Now what color Day?? I am totally all over the place deciding what color would be best. I love the bright colors (ie. jaune, magenta, rouille) but think they wouldn't work well with my clothing/style plus I thought I would get sick of them faster than a neutral. However, isn't a neutral colored BBag almost sacrareligious? Shouldn't a Bbag stand out?

    What neutrals do you like for the Day?

    From pictures, I like Cafe and Marron '06. Is it possible to find these colors right now?

    From the new colors, I was eyeing thyme and the coral-red color but don't know if I can wait until January since I have the BBag bug bad right now.....:upsidedown:

    Help!! Your input is greatly appreciated. :yes:
  2. Sounds like you've got issues. LOL.

    Have you considered Sienna or Cinnamon?

    Sienna (Tabac) is brighter, more vibrant and multi-faceted. But Cinnamon (Mogano) is simply delicious in its own right - a nice, deep, dark chocolate when under the sunlight, I'm told, has varying undertones.

    Those two colors should be "findable" right now.

    The Marron that you're lusting after may not be too easy to find, but still doable. Maybe.

    Cafe (the darker brown, right?) is similar to Cinnamon, but I like Cinnamon better since it has the varying tones.

    Does this help? Or are you even more confused now?

  3. :flowers: I think Reresauras' original thought would be great for you. The Sienna is both neutral and bright. I think it would go with any of the earth toned colors in your closet, probably anything but a pastel pink or blue. I don't have one, but I've been lusting after one for a while to go with all the greens and browns I own. Although in the end, it will probably be difficult to stop with just one anyway...just too many choices! Good luck!
  4. I agree, Sienna would be a great choice. It is a cool color

    Jaune is seriously a very workable color, it is lush and beautiful. Kind of a modern neautral, for me at least, lol! I have a jaune sgh day that I wear a lot.

  5. Thanks for your suggestions!! I looked at Sienna and agree its very pretty. Reminds me of Chloe's Whiskey color.

    My only reservation is that most of my clothes are cool toned and this bag is warm toned....would it clash?? (I wear a lot of grey/black).

  6. I personally would not wear Sienna with lots of grey and black, but it just depends on individual style. I wear my Jaune with grey, black, Burgandy, white, etc...
  7. sienna is gorgeous
  8. I have a Sienna Work and she goes with most of my wardrobe.
    I wear a lot of neutrals(black, dark and light grays, browns, beige colors, whites, reds, etc) and Sienna stands out, and I love it.

    It goes with both cool toned and warm toned color, my favorite combo is gray and Sienna!:tup:

    I love neutral Bal colors a lot more than bright stand out colors, to be honest. They're not just ordinary neutrals, they have an edge:supacool: A lot of my bags are dark neutrals!

    Here's my girl:heart:

  9. i got a sienna day last week , i love it, how i ever survived without a day i don't know ! in fact, it totally blew the violet twiggy i'd been hankering after for months out of the water when it arrived, i'm even thinking about letting the twig go to replace with a violet day.
  10. i was about to suggest Sienna too. on the issue of colour-matching, it's strange... my clothes are mostly neutrals, yet i kept putting off getting a Sienna for myself, maybe cos i can only see myself wearing it with v few neutral colours such as grey, black, white and blue :shame:

    cityoflight shared with us in another thread she's having slight difficulty matching her Sienna PT with her wardrobe.

    i've seen so many Siennas get away while i hemmed and hawed :crybaby:good luck reaching your decision and hope you'll find the colour/style you want!
  11. I am thinking Sienna is too warm for my clothing....

    Can anyone suggest a neutral-toned or cool toned neutral color?
  12. What about a red? I love tomato ... and violet is really popular and would go with a lot cool-toned colors.
  13. I also wear a lot of grey and black. I considered Sienna but also thought it was too warm for my wardrobe.

    I think the plomb (steel) would work great for you. Also, the Cafe is a very dark brown, looks almost black indoors, and would also work well. Violet would look great with grey or black. Finally, I like to Tomato Red with grey or black.

    I am getting a Black city with GGH. I think the Giant harware makes the neutral colors really pop so it is not boring. It definitely still stands out.
  14. how about Vert fonce - a green-toned brown
    It looks really great in the Day style with SGH or RH
    here's my city:
  15. Very pretty!! That is awesome you are enjoying it so much :yahoo: