December PCE

  1. Is the next PCE going to before or after the holidays (i.e. December 25th)?

    What was it last year?

    Until then I'll have to be an :angel:
  2. December 2006, was from 12/2-12/9 or 12/10. They usually have it around the first or second week in December.
  3. I need to start saving for the next PCE. I want a new muffler scarf. I get a new one every holiday. YAY!
  4. Me too!

    I also can't shock my husband and get another bag too soon. So, it's for the best to wait until another PCE.

    I may get the tattersall cashmere scarf. I've never had one before...
  5. can wait, I dont know if I am gonna get one tho. I havent really bought many things from Coach
  6. People might not get one, if you don't buy anything between now and PCE. Though, often I buy two bags and a couple of misc things at PCE, then don't get anything until next time, still keeping my preferred status. This time I returned two bags, so I may drop off the list.
  7. Are we for sure they will be doing this? I just bought the Elisa yesterday, so hopefully I will end up getting one again - would love a little Christmas Coach jewelry....
  8. Don't know when this comes out. But if it comes out before dec I don't think I can wait for the next PCE to have it. I want it now.
    I'm in love.
  9. Whoa girl! How did ya get those pics?? Cute!
  10. Would love another PCE!
  11. Superstar, I was trying to order the matching scarf to that tote the other day (unsuccessfully!), but during the course of conversation the SA told me that they were showing a very limited number of those totes in the warehouse, so if they come out soon (like I think the end of this week?) I dont know if you want to wait until December - they may be gone. Just fyi...
  12. Wah!!! I want some PCE too! How do you get it. Do you have to register your bags or something, or do they just chose who gets it?
  13. if you shop a lot there, they often send you one.
    or you can also call Coach SA to find out.
    Some of them are really nice, they will give you the discount during PCE even you are w/o the invitation.
    I'm on the list for years. when i go, i don't even show them my invitation. I st tell them i'm on the list and they 'll give me the discount.
    also they'll let you keep the invitation as well.
    that's how many people sell the invitation on eBay.

    **my newest Coach colletion : limited Coach Wrislet**
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  14. I spoke to my SA and she told me that these bags are suppose to come out after the holidays, you know when they change the floor set the day after christmas. She says these are Spring bags, so that I should be ok for the PCE event. She says that as soon as they are in she will give me a call. I also want the matching scarf. I told her that if they are running out that I will order it before they are all gone. The bag is $328 and the wallet is $228 so I would have a savings of over $130. But like I said if they are selling out I will get mine asap. Thanks for the info. :tup: