December PCE - What is it?

  1. So I got one of the 25% cards for November. I've seen a lot of people post regarding the December PCE. What happens during the December PCE? Is it another 25% off or something different?

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed on another thread. I've glanced around and haven't seen it so decided to officially post the question.
  2. The December PCE is a 25%, too.
  3. December is 25% off too!
  4. When is it?
  5. It is from December 1st to the 9th.
  6. Has anyone received the card yet?
  7. I got mine.
    I'm from Canada.
  8. I got one too yesterday, I am also from Canada.
  9. Dec.1 - 9. Thanks for the info. I'm new to COACH, I purchased one from the outlet in St. Augustine, FL but it was too small so I returned it. I don't have a PCE card, but I'm wondering if SA's in Jax., FL allow you to purchase at pce price without the card?