Debra Messing, Husband & Son Roman

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  2. Awe-she looks like a happy mom!
  3. always liked her.. she looks happy... what a cute family..
  4. Great pictures!! Great family!
  5. Cute! But her hair like that...yuck
  6. ahhh I like it, she looks like a real mum having fun with her family. Debra Messing rocks :biggrin:
  7. she looks like she's such a good mom. they look like a happy family.
    so cute so CUTE. :smile:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. awww, another cute family:heart:
  10. Is it weird that I like her dress? Adorable little boy and they all look so happy.
  11. Strange dress.....I think it's the print....quite unusual to me but they're all so cute together!
  12. that is a nice family outing picture! i supposed debra is taking time off to spend with her family now that Will and Grace has ended! i will miss that show.:crybaby:
  13. She has an unusual sense of style but it really works for her and I like it.

    It's nice to see no nannies in the picture. I've seen enough celebs on vacation and they always have at least one nanny for each kid. Check out the pics of Heidi Klum and Seal. There are two women walking behind them in the pic. They are the nannies.
  14. She looks so happy, and her son's a real cutie! Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the husband looks a bit fed-up? Maybe she'd just taken him on a huge shopping spree :lol:
  15. they look adorable.. but i hate the dress!