Debating on Sandals.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I am debating on getting a pair of sandals, help, which one.

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    Louis Vuitton Thong sandals. Love the color combination, about US$430?

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    Bally Thong Sandals, VERY nice and chic and different. About the same price with LV. About $400 I think.

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    Sigh, this pair is not going to be released in US. But they had it on their spring/summer shoe collection catalogue. I have friends all over the world looking this pair of sandals for me and most of them waiting for the sandals to come out in store. I am wondering why aren't they selling here. Anyway, it would be around $300-400 after shipping for me anyway.

    So here you go guys, difficult decision for me as well. Please comment.


    P.S. I personally kinda drawn my attention to first 2 now, since I already have a pair of LV sandals almost like the last one.

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  2. I like the first pair, there really versatile.
  3. Darien, I saw the last pair in LV yesterday. I don't know if they had black though.
  4. Tammy, I am so sick and tired of that last pair of sandals. I've called and called 866 Vuitton, no one seemed to know if they have it or not. And now you are telling that LV at 5th Avenue has it??!!!

    Urghh! Stupid LV SAs and CS! I am over that last pair now. Ok, just the first 2 pairs you all, please help me to pick one.

  5. I like the Ballys Darien - something different.;)
  6. I like the first one- as a guy, I personally prefer more "flip flop" type sandals over man mules.
  7. The first one, b/c I see many guys in LA wear the flip flop style and it's cute during summer.
  8. The first pair looks the best.
  9. I think they're all great, LOL But I think you'll be happier with the first one :smile:
  10. my vote goes for 1st pair too! Will match great with your lv collection!
  11. Going against the crowd.. I like the second pair !
  12. Hehe, good job ladies, keep on voting please!

  13. I like the first one's.
  14. I like the last ones...
  15. I like the second one....good luck with whatever you decide !