Death Row~My Signature Hobo has been sentenced..

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  1. I mailed my Hamptons Signature Hobo (plum/purple) back to Coach for repair on the handle, not knowing what to expect.
    I then received a letter stating they are unable to fix the problem :sad:. They offered me the full retail amt + tax toward a new bag, which I thought was very nice of them :tup:. But, they are going to destroy my old bag within 30 days.:crybaby:
    Here is my problem.......I am a very sentimental person BTW ~ I am very attached to this particular bag, not only do I LOVE it (the shape,color,hardware,etc..) my DH picked it out as a get well gift after my surgery.
    I hope I don't sound silly :shrugs: but I just can't believe that I am not as 'happy' as I should feel for someone just given a big credit towards something wonderful from the Coach store. I almost want my old bag back ~ which is in beautiful condition beside the small problem with the handle.
    Should I just let it go? Should I call them? I don't want them to feel like I'm asking for too much or being ungrateful for the credit. Any thoughts?
  2. If you want your Hobo bag why don't you call them and ask for it. Please bear in mind that you will then be forfeiting the right to a new bag. You have to choose one or the other. Good luck deciding.
  3. Don't they also offer to give you the bag bag and a coupon for 40% off a new bag? Then you kind of get the best of both worlds! Worth a try..... Good luck!
  4. your hobo can join my poor pink metallic gallery tote in Coach heaven if it makes you feel any better

    maybe you could get your DH to pick something out for you with the credit so it's still something really nice
  5. Thank you for the support ladies :tup:

    Court - What a great idea having him help pick out a new one, I never thought of that!! Our bags will be happy in Coach heaven :heart:
  6. that's right!! My poor little pink bag only had a small problem too, but I have a new red patent leather ergo coming to take her place.
  7. :wtf: I have that same bag... and would have to go to Coach Heaven with it because I love it so much. :crybaby:

    I would say ask if you can have it back and if not-- have your hubby go with you to pick out a new one.

    I am sorry for your loss! :sad:
  8. Sorry to hear that. It sounds like such a cute bag. Are there any on ebay that you would consider?
  9. Sorry to hear that!
    I hope it all works out for you!:yes:
  10. I looked on ebay to see if there were any listed but no luck. I do have my eye on the new Carly Signature Patchwork small hobo #10813, it's on Macys website.
    It looks kinda small but I'm not sure.....:confused1:
    Has anyone seen the new patchwork in person or this particular bag?
  11. i have seen it at macys and i think its really pretty...nice size and the patchwork in the khaki w/ gold tones is very classic looking!!!:tup:
  12. Cool! :supacool:I like it in Indigo, matches more of my stuff.
    On the website it looks a little bigger than a cosmetic pouch ~ I wonder, mmmmmm I may order it today:yahoo: