Death Row Dogs Need Our Help!!!

  1. I hope that I am not breaking any rules here at tPF, but I feel compelled to call upon anyone interested in helping this wonderful organization in reaching it's goal of receiving grant money. The organization gives dogs destined to be euthanized a second chance at finding loving homes. It only costs $10 and the deadline is January 31, 2008.

    If you can find it in your budget and your heart, here is the link.................
  2. I doubt you´re breaking any rules, great for you to educate! Rescue dogs are very close to my heart.
  3. Me too Nola and I'm hoping other tPFers feel the same and can offer some assistance to this great cause!

    I am hoping that the link will get sent on in order to generate enough donations and allow the organization to qualify for the grant!! ;)
  4. Great organization, I'm donating now. :heart:
  5. Ok Done.. i almost gave it because of the personal particulars i had to give.
    ps: im not from the US.
  6. Bless your hearts!! Thank you so much for your contributions!! I knew that tPFers are the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!! :love: