Dear by Amanda Bynes

  1. I did a search and I didn't see a thread for Amanda Bynes's new line for Steve and Barry's. I like the Bitten line by Sarah Jessica Parker and I can't wait for Dear to come out. It comes out August 16th, I cannot wait!
    Here's the link to the site:
  2. it seems very juvenile to me (the website layout, etc.) but i'm guessing the target market is younger?
  3. Amanda Bynes has been a Nickelodeon star for over 10 years. She was the youngest cast member on All That. Her fan base is mainly young girls.
  4. There's some really cute stuff there! I'm 15 so if the prices are affordable, I'd definitely buy some of the stuff.

    Sadly, there are no Steve & Barry's closer than an hour's drive away from me.
  5. I love some of that stuff!
    And the prices are really good.
  6. Some of it is not bad.
  7. I am not really a fan. The clothing designs look cheap to me.
  8. It's really generic, juvenile, and faddish. I don't like it :sad:
  9. I'm not in the target audience but I think this would appeal to her young fans.
  10. There are some really cute things for the under 18 crowd.