Dealing with Singapore buyer, whats a safe way?

  1. I have a friend/acquainatance on a board that wants to buy a purse from me, a very expensive purse, there is no auction involved. She already paid me the full amt. with paypal using a creditcard (in three different installments). I am going to ship with tracking and insurance, but will I be protected should she say the item isn't authentic/misrepresented? Paypal seller protection can't apply as she's in Singapore so what I'm fearing is a chargeback or something. I am friendly with her but you just never know and this is alot of money.

    Is there another way she can pay me using a creditcard where I'd be more protected? If I listed the item on ebay and she still paid with paypal would I have protection thru ebay? Or could she us bidpay with a creditcard after she won the auction?

    Just want to make sure I'm protected :confused1: so looking for the right way to handle this.
  2. iloveangels, there's no buying & selling on TPF, but please be careful about singapore buyers (unless you know them really well) :wondering...especially if you're buying & selling on another website without an auction...i was almost scammed by one on e-bay & other gals here were scammed by them :sad:...please check out the link below for the full story of luck to you!!!
  3. I wouldn't do it. You won't be protected thru paypal since Singapore isn't covered. If they ever did a chargeback there most likely won't be anything you can do. I would only accept a money order/wire transfer or wouldn't sell. I have resorted to money order/wire transfer to any transaction outside the US after reading all the nightmare stories about paypal! I won't take the risk :sad:
  4. You already have her money so I think that whatever you decide to do you should act quickly ( as in either ship the bag or refund). If I was the buyer I would be kind of nervous if the seller started thinking different payment methods after I already paid the full amount once. If she has good feedback on ebay or on the other board and a good reputation I wouldn't worry too much.

    If the money is already in your paypal account would it be possible for you to just move it to your bank account so that incase of fraudulent chargeback there would be nothing to take?