Day Wedding...what to wear?

  1. I'm attending a wedding for my husband's brother next month. Wedding will be during the day at a venue close to the beach. I was thinking of wearing this Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Any thoughts on shoes, accessories, and hair? TIA!!

  2. Pair of tear drop either in a bun or side pony...or wavy hair....for shoes...nude, any shades of pink, yellow or gold, nice clutch
  3. Oh, i like the gold shoes idea. Also thinking maybe low bun to the side. thanks!
  4. not the OP, but am looking for tear drop earrings (like those with one tear drop gemstone), where can i get those (online preferably)?
  5. I think gold shoes and accessories would be very nice.
  6. Look on can find lots of cool jewelry that's unique and not too expensive.
  7. Are u looking for cheap one or expensive one ?
    Check Nordstrom they carries them too.
  8. Very nice ! Honestly I'm looking around to replaces my earrings these day, for that style u like it can be quite expensive. U looking to spend around 200 at least for a nice pair like that =D
  9. It's a perfect day wedding dress! As the detail is in the shoulder, I would keep the earrings simple (no drop) and keep the focus on the dress. Classic heels and a clutch. Gorgeous!
  10. i would get gold plated or vermeil jewelry from qvc or hsn instead of costume.
  11. Thank you!! Can you believe I found it at Nordstrom Rack for under $70?!