Day After Thanksgiving

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  1. Are there ever any sales/specials at the Coach store the day after Thanksgiving? I thought I saw a thread about it but I can't find it now. Thanks!
  2. Yeah some outlets are opening at midnight after Thanksgiving! But, it will be hectic shopping on black Friday. I may still go's won't stop me LOL!!
  3. i'm debating on first, i really wanted to. well, i STILL really want to...
    but i obviously have zero self control in outlet stores, let alone in the coach ones...
  4. the outlet near me opens at midnight on thanksgiving!!! Not sure what the deals are it really worth going?
  5. If I go, it will be super early. 2 years ago, I tried to go around 11:00am and the lines were out the door.
  6. Reading opens at 7 AM.
  7. Outlets open at midnight? That's sick.. but incredible.. go go go!
  8. Is it??? I don't want to drive 2 hours for nothing.
  9. i want to go
    but we always go to walmart at midnight :sad:
  10. I may go ... anyone know what time Sawgrass Mills opens? If it were midnight, I'd definately be going, but I don't really want to wake up early on one of my days off when I don't REALLY need anything anyways.
  11. Is anyone here going to an outlet in CA?? let me know.
  12. I think I might be going at 11 PM for the midnight opening.
  13. I can't believe it, but I am seriously considering going to the midnight sale as well.
  14. Me too! My hubby and I talked about it today and we're definitely going!! :wacko:
  15. So it's just outlets and not the regular stores that have any kind of sales?