David YURMAN and oxidizing

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  1. Hello everyone
    I have one David YURMAN piece and the little gaps in the bracelet are dark in color liked oxidized. What is David YURMAN sterling silver jewelry made out of ? Help! This piece is driving me crazy. I got it at the outlet and I don't really like buying items from the outlet.
  2. I have found that most of my DY silver pieces tarnish more than any of my other silver jewelry. Some don't, but most do which I find crazy in a piece that should be of top quality. I had one pair of earrings that were particularly bad and they were diamond which made it worse, to me. Finally my jeweler, after many cleanings, suggested I had them rhodium dipped(I think that's what it's called). I did it and they have held up beautifully. Not an ideal solution and just not be necessary but they do stay clean looking now.
  3. .....although some pieces are suppose to have that oxidized look so be sure your bracelet is not one of those pieces.
  4. They said it was one of those pieces
  5. david YURMAN SA said that it was 95% sterling silver and 5% nickel so that it will tarnish. Lol. Sterling silver is 92.5 %
  6. Thank you

    I called a different David YURMAN store and they told me about coating it with rhodium.
  7. So I'm confused. Is it suppose to have the oxidized look, so leave it...or coat it so it stays clean? Did they recommend doing the plating? Because isn't that like them admitting there is a problem with their silver? Very confusing. But I was happy I coated mine because it was suppose to be shiny.
  8. I'm sorry for the confusion. According to both David YURMAN locations it's suppose to have the oxidized look. But when they polished the oxidized look will go away. But one location said that I can coat it with rhodium if I wanted to stay shiny like that. The other location said that if I coat it that would turn the bracelet dark. image.jpeg there a little spot on it that they can't remove and the SAs said that it will alway be there. But I like my silver to look shiny. Thanks for your help

    Eta: the SAs said to me she does know why that spot is that bracelet. Even with polishing it will it not come off.
  9. The SA probably meant Ag950 which is 95 silver and 5percent something else(nickel, platinum, palladium or some other white metal).
  10. Silver tarnishes. Many of the DY pieces have that oxidized look.
    If you want yours to stay bright and shiny you will need to keep it polished or have it dipped as others have suggested.
  11. Thanks
  12. Thanks
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