dating someone shorter (or the same height) as you?

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  1. this has come up in some conversations i've had recently, so i was wondering what you girls think about it. i prefer guys that are a lot taller than me usually, but i don't think a guy that was the same height (or a litte bit shorter than i am) would bother me. i'm 5'6". i've found guys around that height attractive before. i have a good male friend that is the same height as i am and a little self-conscious about it, and i really don't think he should be. thoughts?
  2. I think it depends on what height you are. I am 5'1, and gosh.... I'd have a hard time dating anyone my height or shorter, because I love heels... and usually the guy feels weirded out when I'm much taller than him due to the shoes.

    My current beau is 6"4.... so yes... I suppose I'm at the other extreme where I like taller guys :biggrin:
  3. I definately can't date a guy that is shorter or of equal height as me,they have to be taller. I'm only 5'2" so they better be taller.:P
  4. I like Men to be taller than me, I think these days a man who stands fully grown at 5ft 9 is considered short.:weird:
  5. i prefer my men to be at least 6'ish.........i'm really short but i really can't see myself dating a short guy........i like my men towering over me :P
  6. My husband is just over an inch taller than me...he thinks he's super short and hates it. He doesnt like me to wear heels. It doesn't bother me one bit though. I love him just how he is.
  7. If you've been to amusement parks and they say:

    "You must be XXXX to ride this ride"

    I'm a 6'0" limit.
    The taller the better.

    I'm 5'8" and my DH is 6'2"
  8. Well, I think it'd be silly for me to be the same height as a boy I'm seeing, since we'd just look like munchkins together ! :shame: I'm 5'0 so I've never actually ran into this problem...
  9. i'm 5'9 and i can deal with 5'7, but not 5'6. i prefer same height or taller.. at a max cap of 6'4-5 ish.. otherwise, it's too much either way.
  10. I've never encountered this problem, all the guys that I've dated happened to be much taller than I am (I'm 5'3"). In fact, the tallest guy that I've dated was 6'5". My bf now is 6 feet, and I feel very comfortable with that height difference! :lol:
  11. i'm barely 5'3 so my man BETTER be taller than me, lol! i am dating someone who is 5'11 right now but the shortest i've dated was 5'6 i believe. i live in 3-4" heels so 5'6 is probably the shortest i can do.
  12. Man, I am only 5'3 my ex was like 5'8 I think 5'8-5'11 is pretty good for me because I like that if I wear high heels I will be about his height. Not too much under and I am small...I don't want to look like a tiny kid around my guy.
  13. I'm 5'4" and I'm ok with guys that are "average" height--i.e. 5'9" or 5'10". I'm not so into guys 5'8" and under generally. My measuring stick is more a guy's pant size. If he wears pants smaller than me, that weird me out. I don't want to be the "big chick" dating Jack Sprat from that nursery rhyme!
  14. I'm 5"4 and I can't date a guy shorter than me. I did a few years ago and never again!!!
  15. I'm barely 5'1 so I've never dated anyone shorter than me. I used to date someone who's 6'2 and the height difference didn't bother me.