Dateline on fall/winter bag info

  1. I talked to Ana today and asked about catalogs for the Fall/Winter collection. She said the new collection would be up on the website in July and catalogs won't be mailed until August. :wtf: I can't wait that long!! We've seen bits and pieces of the new collection, but I want to see the entire thing! Oh well, I'll just have to be patient.:sad:
  2. On the bright side it gives us more time to save up!
  3. August is such a very loooooong time from now!

  4. *whine* but I want mine noooooooowwww!!!


    yes well, at least we have a target date at last!
  5. I don't know if anyone has looked, but Saks has a few new items for preorder, including a roma in ferro, a tote in green ombre, and a sloane in an interesting pink/red color (not sure how accurate my computer image was, almost looked like quarzo, but bit redder) that I am drooling over! Who cares if the sloane is too big for's a gorgeous color! Okay, I just bought a campana so I cannot buy another one, even a preorder. *sigh*
  6. Okay, I just read the thread by kronik so I'm a little late on the Saks fall collection. I think I will have to add the carmino sloane to my collection in the near future, well, sometime in the future!
  7. I think that pink/red color is called scala. My local store just got in one but I haven't seen it in person yet ...
  8. Boxermom, thanks for posting. Can't wait to see them.
  9. hmmh, my sa here in europe told me that they were expecting the catalogs for some time in the next three weeks...i hope she`s right and that catalogs will be maild out a little esrlier than august...that is just too long to wait!!!
  10. :hysteric:

    Is this emoticon perfect or what? :p
  11. omg... are we suppose to WAIT till August!![​IMG]
  12. If you BV members in Europe and Asia receive your catalogs 2 months before those of us in the US, you'll feel some serious jealousy:drool: lol. And I suspect you've always seen a better variety than we have here.:hysteric:

    I love y'all, but we all want our catalogs at the same time and sooon!!!
  13. well, i guess there just has to be something to make up the fact that you have earlier sales with bigger markdowns over there in the maybe we get an earlier glimpse at the new collections for an "overall fairness" :lol:

    wouldn`t mind your jealousy...from the right ppl, it can be quite flattering :flowers:
  14. How can I get a catalog?
  15. Funny, I am always envious of you, because i thought you had more choice than us in the UK.:bagslap:oh, and you also have the BV outlets. and your sales are so fantastic, and one last thing you have more stores that you can order from online.
    but i guess the grass is always greener somewhere else.:girlsigh:.