Date Stamp on my birkin

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I love reading all the boards on this forum. They have been very informative. I had a question regarding a birkin that I purchased about two weeks ago. I bought it from the H store off the shelf. I was so excited because it was the exact color/size I had been wanting bj/30 with ph. Anyway, I was examining it yesterday and realized that the date stamp was M instead of N. I have no idea why this is. Wouldn't they have sold all the birkins from last year already?
  2. It happends more than you would think.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. As long as you bought it from the store, why worry? I bought a bag a few weeks ago and it turned out to have a K stamp. I'm not bothered in the least as I couldn't believe I'd found the bag I'd been looking for for ages sat on a shelf!

    If these bags didn't have a date stamp, no one would be any the wiser whether it had been made this year or three years ago.

    Congratulations on your new bag!
  4. As they say above. It makes no difference.
    I have even ordered a bag once, and when it arrived it had been stamped the year prior to me placing the order.
  5. It makes no difference. I just purchased an Etoupe Birkin 30 direct from H. It was still sealed in the cellophane wrapping and had never been opened or is an M stamp and this was about 2 weeks ago.

    H Birkins are timeless classics and never, ever change in design so the stamp does not matter..........a D stamp Birkin looks identical to an N stamp one........they are all the same.
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I don't care that much (obviously or i would have bothered to look before I bought it), but I do feel better knowing this seems quite common! Thanks!
  7. it s normal , don't worry about it
  8. I also think it is normal!
  9. bags are put together as a set of pieces--the leather from the same lots. If there are orders are new products or fashion shows..........workman can have their assignments sit or be re-prioritized--not to mention shipping/customs/moving stock from slow stores to busy stores and new stores. i have a friend that works at Hermes who told me this.
  10. hi guys. i was wondering if it is normal to not have a stamp on my lizard kelly? i am not worried about it authenticity as i bought mine from a hermes store in london. but im just bothered by the fact it hasnt got one. AND all my other birkins and kellies has got one.
  11. Since you posted your question in two places, I will answer again here as well.

    It can happen that a bag is not stamped, it is more common that you would expect. If you bought it at Hermes there is no reason for concern. What makes the bag authentic is the quality of the construction and materials, which are clearly apparent and will always be there, the stamp is really just an internal house identification mark.

    It is always a good idea to keep your receipts for your bags, and I would be sure to keep the receipt here.
  12. thank you for replying twice bababebi! appreciate the help as i was really worried about it. i know i shouldn't be bothered but the fact that everyone elses' kellies and birkins has it and it hasnt got one on mine just doesnt feel as right hehehhe
  13. Sorry to revive old thread....have been cross examining my new Birkin with info on TPF and am confused over the blindstamp. Is O ever confused with 0 (zero)? Mine reads letter-digit-digit-digit, the letter being C (not encased in any geometric shapes) which, according to the info on here, dates the bag to 1947!!! It is also a new summer colour (unless Bois de Rose was around before now?). Sorry if I'm being plain stupid, I'm just trying to better understand my bag as i'm so incredibly in love with it! Thank you for your help