Date Night for Angie Jolie & Brad Pitt

  1. Papa Pitt and Santa Angelina had a date night in LA on Thursday! The happy couple hit an exhibition of the work of guerrilla artist Banksy, and they looked so effortlessly stylish every step of the way. Best dressed couple? For sure!
    Posted by on September 15, 2006 2:25 PM
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    I think they are adorable and I agree with Perez, they are the best dressed couple for sure!
    artbrang.jpg artbrange2.jpg
  2. Wow! :nuts:
  3. Hubba hubba (at both of them)! :graucho::love:
  4. great piccies.

    It still seems stange to me for them to be together tho :biggrin:
  5. gorgeous couple.I'm happy for them!
  6. I love these two together! :love:
  7. ^^^ Ditto!!!:love:
  8. They look lovely together.. and I hope they stay that way (together I mean !).
  9. They're soo adorable!
    And I also hope they'll stay together!

    Also, I think this is the first picture I've seen Brad leading the way instead of Angelina...:lol:
  10. In the first picture they both look nicely dressed but in the second picture I think Brad looks scruffy in comparison to Angelina. Does she ever dress in anything but black? Peggy
  11. They are absolutely gorgeous... never would've imagined them together, but what a great pair!
  12. I saw pictures of her in many other colors. =)
  13. Me too!
  14. Beautiful couple
  15. Love them!!! Thanks for the pics.