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  1. Hi ladies,
    Could someone please tell me if it is true that Mulberry no longer use darwin leather and if so why???:P
    Thank you
  2. They stopped making bags in Darwin a few years ago.
    Why? Cost? Change in direction? The obvious factors I guess?

    You can still find some unused Darwin bags though, or of course buy preloved.
  3. Thanks Theaberry,
    I'm told it's supposed to be the best leather, with being a new Mulberry fan I wouldn't know maybe you could throw some light on that for me?
  4. Do a search on Darwin leather and you'll find a few threads already =)
  5. Thanks again
  6. Different bags suit different leathers Olakala and we all have our own favourites and different viewpoints . I am a huge Darwin fan myself but for some ladies the leather is too heavy and they prefer the lighter NVT bags. These's nothing quite like the smell of a Darwin beauty in my opinion - I'm sniffing one now !
  7. IMO you can't beat darwin. It's thick, supple, hard wearing and smells gorgeous. It's why I started buying Mulberry!
  8. ^^Ditto!
  9. I love Darwin, but NVT is a very close second. My NVT Chocolate Seth is a divine piece of wrinkly glowing leather; it gets compliments everywhere.
  10. Take your head out of that bag this instant :lecture:Missus!
  11. :lolots: