Darwin leather care - moisturizer?

  1. Hi! I've received my collonil waterstop which I know is the only product mulberry recommends for Darwin leather. I have a bayswater. My issue is I'd like to moisturize the leather before I spray it. I think it's quite dry. What, if anything, would you ladies recommend? Or does the waterstop stuff moisturize as well? Thanks so much!
  2. You can call a Mulberry store to get their "official" recommendation.

    As for me, I use baby oil and so far no problem. Just be careful on Oak Darwin since if you don't apply evenly it may/may look uneven. I use a rag to apply the baby oil before but somebody mentioned that they do this too but use their fingers and I like this better myself.
  3. wow, I never in a million years would have thought of that! Mine's black so I'm not too worried about colour. Thank you, I will call a mulberry store to see if they officially recommend anything as well.
  4. Please share what the "official" recommendation is of a Mulberry SA.

    As for baby oil, I figured if it's good enough for a baby's bottom, it's good enough for my handbag. :smile:
  5. OK I called Mulberry this morning. Apparently there is NO leather moisturizer that they'd recommend for Darwin leather. I was told to only use collonil because using, say, the cream conditioner that comes with the glove leather, might discolour Darwin. Mine's black so I might still use the conditioner since colour seems to be the only concern. Anyway, that's what they told me, hope that helps someone! :o)
  6. That's what i was told too. Suits me- can't be hassled with moisturising my bags!
  7. I bought Waterstop as well as Special Wax to treat all my leathergoods. the special wax comes in spray form like Waterstop.