dark vs. light colours for wear and tear

  1. How do the darker colors stack up against the lighter ones for wear and tear. I ask this because I noticed a lovely rouge H birkin on eBay but you can see where the handles have becomes stained from handling. Does this happen with all of them. Do the blacks and dark browns show normal wear and tear better. Does taking it to the shop for cleaning get rid of these marks. I would like to hear some real life testimonials

    Thanks ladies.
  2. also, i have a GAO in clemence - sable shade (lighter then gold) and said to my DH the other day if i had a birkin would want it in a darker shade. it is a few years old and has slight marks in a few places, also i get paranoid that if i wear dark denim the colour will rub off on my bag. anyone else have these fears??
  3. nothing shows on raisin clemence.