Dark silver reissue

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am looking for dark silver reissue in 226 or 225 (I prefer 226 though). I called some stores, but there were none. Do you know where i can find it?

    and also, I heard dark silver reissue is coming out again this fall, but SA from Saks told me that it is not reissue. Do you guys have any idea?

    Please help!!! :yahoo:
  2. it's sold out nationwide, supposedly. I called a bunch of stores myself, as I am looking for one. It is coming back for the fall for one last season, but only in sizes 226 and 227. Your best bet is the Chanel botiques and Nordstrom (although the waiting lists are really long at both!)

    It is the reissue (according to the PFers). I missed the trunk show, so I can't personally say with any certainty. Saks isn't carrying the dark silver, but they will get the metallic black.
  3. i think Saks is only getting metallic black in 227. the only other reissue that they're getting is that really really expensive pearl one.
  4. Hi, I posted this on another thread but am replying in case you don't read that one.

    Joseph, an SA at the Saks in New York got a 225 size for me about three weeks ago. He was great to work with, found it at another store the same day I asked, and had it shipped to me. I was charged a $13 shipping fee but I didn't have to pay tax! The bag was $1995 (I think this would be a pre-increase price compared to the reissues coming out in the fall). His # is (917) 776-9353. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the info ladies.

    lina2, thanks for the help. but I already tried Joseph, and he said all are sold out both in 225 and 226. you are so lucky that he could find one for you. congratz!
  6. Sorry to hear that there are no more available. Good luck in your search and i will keep an eye out for it!