Dark Silver baby!

  1. ok, so i went into the boutique yesterday to return my pocket in the city in the flap bag, and was eyeing the smaller version when i laid eyes on the small dark silver reissue flap and knew that i had to have it. of course, the waiting list for the bigger size is just astronomical which my SA showed me, so knowing that i wouldn't be getting the bigger size soon, i got the baby version for when i don't need much. i looooove the color, and i can only imagine how rockin' the color will look in the bigger size. so here's a pic; it's early here so no modeling yet, maybe later today.

    enjoy at least this one!

    Dark Silver Baby.jpg
  2. Wow..thats gorgeous. Congrats. I still think its a great size.

    I am getting excited as I am waitlisted for the 226. Have never seen the bag IRL but love yours.
  3. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  4. It's so pretty, enjoy!!
  5. so pretty congrats !
  6. Congrats. The color is my favorite.
  7. Wow! It's soo gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. That is ridiculously cute!! Congrats on such a gorgeous new purchase! :love:
  9. I want it!!!!
  10. that is just adorable! so pretty! is that the 224 or the 225? congrats on your fab new purchase! :smile:
  11. Great choice - love it, congratulations and enjoy the sparkle effect!
  12. OMG, love that bag...sooooo hot!!!

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  13. I LOVE the color! I've been thinking about that one myself. Congrats on a fabulous purchase!:love:
  14. That is so cute and beautiful, congrats!
  15. i think it's the 225. i feel like a crazy woman b/c i keep opening my drawer when no one is looking and i try it on. i love it. whoever is waitlisted and getting the 226 is very lucky. it's a fab color.