Dark red reissue size 227/ 228

  1. Hi

    I've seen a few TPFers post pictures of their dark red reissues in size 225/ 226. However, i've not seen any in 227/ 228. Has any1 purchased any? Please post pics! Thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry the image isn't very good! I am not able to use good lighting where I am. I'll can post a new pic by Monday.

  3. It's jus the size difference, as u have seen most of the pfers got the size 226, the size 227 is abt 12.8" L
  4. here's the 226:

  5. ^ Is that really 226? It looks way too big!
  6. Gorgeous! So jealous!
  7. peepee - wow.. you must be super skinny!!!! Both you and the bag looks gorgeous! :tup:
  8. peepee: wow! the bag looks super super super fab on you!