Dark Neck..totally embarassing...

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  1. Is anyone a dermatologist here?

    Does anyone else have this dark neck problem?

    I do. For the longest. :sad:

    It's so embarrassing!!!!!!!!! I am totally embarrassed right now just even attempting to post this.

    I scrub and scrub my dark areas EVERY day and even exfoliate but it won't seem to go away.

    I don't even tie my hair up!! Not even at the gym. :sad:

    I am googling some stuff on this & see some home remedies like applying borax with lemon juice but just wanted to see if anyone else on here can give me some other input?

    -Please help!
  2. Ive never heard of this. Can you explain further?
  3. Do you wear sunscreen on your face but not your neck?
  4. You might try one of those skin whiteners, I think there is a thread about them on here, and also check makeup alley for reviews on which ones really do any significant lightening, and google should help you zero in on which "active ingredient" actually has the ability to lighten.

    In the meantime, you can cover the dark splotches with concealer. Try one of the weapons grade brands, like Covermark or Dermablend.
  5. When I apply sunscreen, I apply all the way to my my neckline.

    But I know for certain it's NOT the sun thats causing this b/c I always have my hair down. The dark spots are on the BACK of my neck.

  6. It can't hurt to have a dermatologist look at it, just to make sure it is not anything that needs more than cosmetic treatment, and they will be the best ones to hook you up with a decent lightener!
  7. I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean sun damage, or sun spots? I remember when I was a little girl my mom would bring a lemon cut in half in when I was taking a bath to use on my knees and elbows. I was quite a tomboy and she didn't like how dark my knees were getting. I don't remember if it worked as I was just a kid and didn't really care if my knees were dark or scabbed up.
  8. I tried that one, but found it turns a very dark brown and gets a bit smelly. There are others on the market that don't make your face (or neck, in this case) look like you rolled in a pot of melted chocolate. Has she improved on the product since I last tried it?
  9. Definitely natural.
    You'd expect your neck to be lighter since it's covered by hair most of the time. But genetic factores, hormones, melanin stimulation can make your neck dark.

    This case, rubbing exfoliating alone will not help. Think of your neck as part of your face, rather than thinking that your face ends right under your chin.

    You may purchase whitening skincare products that contain hydroquinone.
    I know Dior, Shisheido, SKII carry those lines. It's important to always put sunscreen behind your neck as well, and wash well at night.. just like you do for your face.
  10. Interesting, I've never had that problem with her skin lightener, so maybe she changed it.
  11. Thank you all so far for the help!

    So should I still try that site that Roo, you just posted?
  12. Thank you. I am gonna figure out what product I should get.

    Do you know which ones that will work?
  13. Some whitening products might help. Also, try use milk based cleanser/soap and lotion.
  14. As Joanna said, if it doesn't contain hydroquinone, it won't do a thing. You may need a prescription to get a product with a stronger amount of at least 4%. Over the counter has only 2% hydroquinone, although that may work. I do think you should try it.