Dark/Navy Blue Paddy

  1. I was walking through Bloomingdale's today in Soho and I saw this woman carrying a dark/navy blue paddington. It looked so beautiful. Does anyone know what season this colour is from and if I could still get it?
  2. jbelle was selling hers and she may still have it... was it Fall 05?
  3. It's from fall 05 and it's called Blue Nuit. I have that color and :love: .
  4. Jbelle369 - from eBay and tFS... I had her blue nuit bookmarked cuz it was so pretty, but I've got a navy MJ ... 6855869489
  5. too bad! the auction ended :sad2:
  6. But it didn't sell, I don't think... perhaps she still has it? :smile:
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