Dark nail polishes that don't chip easily

  1. I'm a chemistry teacher so my hands sometimes get all sorts of chemicals on them....

    so far I've worn OPI Lincoln Park after dark, Essie Wicked, Chanel Vamp, OPI Ink, and Revlon Blackberry

    The topcoat I use is OPI

    Is there one color that is better at not chipping/coming off, or a certain brand that lasts longer....or a different topcoat that works better?

  2. I have several colors from Lippmann Collection and have found that they don't easily chip, especially with a base coat and a top coat. They have a color called 'Dark side of the Moon' which is a really dark almost black, aubergine. It's beautiful! The polish is pricey at $15 a bottle, but worth it IMO!
  3. My new favorite is a dark blue one, Finger Paints is the brand, and it stayed unchipped and looking good for ten days, during which time it was subjected to extreme stress because I was making charm bracelets, including painting charms, AND painting molding around doors, and I took it off after it had gotten bits of gold and other color nail polish on it that I was using to paint the charms. And it also withstood several cleaning chemicals used to clean off the molding before painting it.