Dark Grey Bow Statchel

  1. Just wanted to share the pics SA sent to me, she said it's their best selling bow color.
    IMG_0047[1].jpg IMG_0048[2].jpg
  2. Very nice, I am looking for a grey bag.
  3. not so sure if I like the color..I have to see it in person
  4. I heard about this; it's beautiful! Is it just exclusive to the MIU MIU store?
  5. I saw that IRL, it's even nicer in person. :tup:
    I think it's their "new" grey for the F/W season. Saw other bags in this color, all very pretty.
  6. I'm not sure if I like the grey and gold hardware combination.. but the grey shade does look nice though ;)
  7. Agree. The grey shade is great but not so sure abt the h/ware combi. Grey generally goes well with silver hardware.
  8. it looks some what like camello to me??
  9. Which store has this one and what is the price? Is it a true grey or more of a taupe? My pic looks taupe. LOVE it either way! I may have to have this bag.
  10. my pic looks taupe as well...

    grey with a prominent brown undertone to it.

    nice, but i'm not going nuts.
  11. :drool: love this bag...just gorgeous.............anyone know what price??.........and does anyone know if I be able to get one in Hawaii by any chance ????....
  12. ooh.. id love to see in real life!! nice grey.. thanks for posting

    i wish miu miu would hurry up and open their sydney store! :crybaby:
  13. I just ordered a gray bow satchel from Barneys.com. It's called "smoke gray". I wonder if it's the same?


    source: Barneys.com
  14. Also, it did not say on the website that it includes a removable shoulder strap and I having issues getting in touch with someone who knows. Do you guys think it is safe it assume it will be coming with the strap?
  15. all bows come with a strap.

    i just saw the grey bow IRL and it was definitely more of a taupe/grey (like the pics posted by savannah), not a true grey. the nude is a weird color (sorry to those who love it) -- strangely pink and flesh colored.