Dark, dark blue blue eyeliner...a pencil one please

  1. Can anyone recommend a good one...

    pencils that I have now...Laura Mercier black violet, LM copper

    Nars--one is teal and one in purple..can't think of the names right now

    but i'd like a dark dark blue eyeliner pencil....any recc's

  2. L'oreal HIP line might have one. They just came out with the cream eyeliners that you had to apply with a brush but then they came out with the cream eyeliner in pencil form.
  3. I like Clinique's Quickliner For Eyes in Navy.

  4. try urban decay, i use their eyeliner but not in blue. its pretty good, really creamy for an eyeliner. im pretty sure they have it in blue, they have a really wide range of colors for their eye makeup. i get mine at sephora
  5. You should look at MAC Blooz in addition to the ones mentioned above.
  6. MAC curioustease collection has a lmt edt sparkle pencil set. colors are fab: purple, teal, cream, black, blue. I've had them for a couple of weeks now and love them! Its more of a lighter blue though. Most of the navys I've seen, just look plain black on me. If you dont like glitter you wont like these. I"m all about glitter and sparkle! http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/products/sp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY25049&PRODUCT_ID=PROD12419

    Makeup for professionals also has great pencils. they have a holiday set thats awesome.
  7. The only navy one I have ever purchased is a Prestige kohl pencil liner. It actually appears navy, not black like some navy liners do. Mine has a smudger on the other end. I never use it though because I don't like navy.
  8. Try Estee Lauder they had a navy blue